First Response

Hard work at another level

Steel Platform

Fully reinforced 1/8″ ribbed carbon-steel flatbed.

Protective Coating

Protective and anticorrosive synthetic spray liner applied according to customer specifications.

Tool Drawers

Located at the front, side, and bottom of the platform; each side made out of a 3/16″ carbon steel sheet. Modifiable according to the customers

Signal and Work Lights

A wide variety of LED emergency and signaling lights as well as flood lights and spotlights are available for night operations.

Main Hydraulic Circuit

Is fed from the Truck’s engine with a PTO and hydraulic pump.  It operates at a flow of 12GPM and 2500 PSI.  The Cicuit includes a 20-gallon hydraulic oil tank with oil level sight glass, filler cap, oil filter in return line, and hydraulic oil cooling heat exchanger system.

Hose Reels

Up to three hose reels can be installed to power a variety of hydraulic tools.  Standard paired reel hoses are 50 feet long and 1⁄2″ in diameter, rated for of up to 3000 psi., 3/8″ fixed end connections and SAE O-ring threaded with quick connects.

Control Valves

Directional control valve body with a stop and relief valve.

Power Take-off Unit

A PTO is coupled to a heavy-duty gearbox and activated from the Trucks cabin or the back end of the Truck.

Tandem Hydraulic Pumps

A double hydraulic pump body independently operates the hydraulic arm and hydraulic tools reel.