Heavy Service Truck

Chassis with gross vehicular weight (GVWR) minimum Recommended 16000 Kgs


Coupling force coupled

to the heavy-duty type gearbox with pneumatic coupling in the driver’s cab.

Directional control valve body with stop and relief valve.

Radiator for oil cooling of the hydraulic system.

Tank for hydraulic oil capacity

of 20 gallons and includes oil level sight glass, filler cap and oil filter in the return line.

Dual hydraulic pump

to independently operate the crane and hydraulic tools.

Reel of hoses for the handling of hydraulic tools

It includes: Two (02) hoses of 1/2 «diameter, with 15 m long each, with a pressure range of 3000 Lbs, with four (04) fixed connections on their male ends of 3/8» diameter, threaded NPT and fast connections.

Hydraulic system installation kit

Includes: Hoses of different diameters and sizes.

1. Maximum load capacity: 5.2 TonM.
2. Maximum working height: 6.2 m
from the ground to the last extension.
3. Turn: 360º with lock insurance
4. Remote control with cable up to 6.1 Mts.
5. Hydraulic control system OPTI-FLOW
with manual override
6. Weight of the Crane: 1,380 pounds (626 kg)
7. Length: 13 ‘4 «(3.97 m)
8. Width: 1 ’11 «(0.58 m)
9. High: 2 ‘9.5 «(0.81 m)
10. Dimensions of the base:
16.75 «x 16.75» (0.43 mx 0.43 m)
11. Maximum extension of 20 ‘4 «(6.2 m)
12. Two rotation speeds
controlled automatically.
13. Line speed of 55 feet / min (16.8 m / min)
14. Guaya of 28.95 m (95 ft) t
9.52 mm (3/8 «) Aeronautical Type
15. Automatic overload protection system.
16. Under OSHA Standard 1910.180 ANSI B30.5 of safety standards.


Manual Hydraulic Tools